About Us

A Brief insight into the workings of us as a business.

  • Collecting Rents from Tenants
  • Performing Repairs and Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspection of your Property
  • Leasing Agreements and Background Checks for Tenants
  • Exterior maintenance and Lawn Cutting
  • You receive Monthly Reports on Income and Expenditures

Looking to Purchase Investment Properties in Buffalo, New York? Contact us now!

We will forward to you available properties meeting your criteria above for your consideration. Once you select a property we will submit your offer. If accepted. A contract of sale will be drawn up and sent to your attorney for approval and closing.

Calculations to Use when Purchasing Investment Properties:

Percent Capitalization Rate = Annual Net Operating Income/Cost
(Should be 10% or higher)
Cash on Cash
Before Tax Cash/Initial Investment = % Rate on Investment
(You can now compare against other investments - i.e. interest in bank)

There are other calculations that are used in determining a profitable investment. Use these as a guide.

Assisting You in Your Purchase and Beyond!

We assist you in selecting and purchasing a well priced investment property!

We want you gaining a return on your money right away!

We will prepare and fill your vacancies without delay!

We collect rent and handle all tenant issues!

We act as a buffer between you and your tenants!

We communicate with you about all tenant issues as they occur. We specify all rent details to tenants and collect late charges as they apply.

If necessary we handle all details regarding evictions of tenants and then refill the vacancy in quick time!

You’re in good hands with BellaJess!!!